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The Month of Love

Valentine’s, what have you done? (I still love you)


today i bought valentine’s cards. three cards to be exact. and they are for very special people in my life who i will get to see on this very special day. i went to the super market at 11pm tonight and stood in the card aisle for a while, laughing and oh-ing over the february 14th selections. i write very informally to you because i’m feeling stark and empty which brings out the apathy in me. don’t you just hate apathy. started my first shambhala class tonight. to put it simply, it was great. i don’t want to write anymore because it will be meaningless and embarrassing. pour out your love.

a special day

It is back. The month of love is now here and I could not be more excited and overflowing with grins. I wish I could say that I showed more love today than I received; but that would be a giant lie. I was soaked today in kindhearted acts that are the sort of things that keep you going on a sad day in your head.

It started out with me, being awake for 10 minutes and already booking a pedicure for ME. Selfish, I know. I was cared for by a lovely lady I met at a music festival this weekend. She gives the best treatment and the warmest welcoming. And to top off all of the love she was already exuding, she gave me a little complimentary manicure! AMAZING. I know.

Next came Dana. She made me dinner! A real, complete, healthy, tasty, non-burnt meal. It was completely humbling and so very much treasured.

I just arrived home from a two hour open house at the Shambhala Centre. We learned how to meditate and were then met with an encouraging talk which was mainly on the topic of love. How perfect.

I love February. I don’t exactly know why, but I think it’s because of all of the possibilites of love to come. More importantly, it’s because love is on the forefront of this entire month and gives us a chance to really express it, look for it, and pour it out.

I was showered with love today. Almost as much as it rained… Maybe even more.

As we meditated on it tonight, “May all beings be happy.”

Mo Kenney

You ought to check out Mo Kenney.

I’ve been listening to her new song Sucker over and over again today. There are certain parts that will literally make your body soar.


PS: fan/like her on Facebook @

be happy

I like birds. I think they are hilarious and full of expression.

A Summers Night

Last night was the Lantern Festival here in St. John’s. It was spectacular!

Record Store

Tonight was magical. You are a vision.


.I enjoy the fan blowing my clippings of vogue.

Just Say Yes

This is my city. My home. My life.

It’s all good.


Here’s a little taste of last night:

Them Crooked Vultures

Sir John Paul Jones on keys:

Once again, beautiful night last night. I am in awe of the fine musicianship and genuine performance.

A Night I Will Remember


I saw Dave Grohl in the flesh. Holy f’n shit. Them Crooked Vultures were brilliant. And Arkells killed it.



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